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A Website for Teachers and Students of English by Omar Villarreal, Martin Villarreal and Marina Kirac © 2014

About Us

The Villarreal family: The Editors of SHARE e-magazine

Very often we are asked about the SHARE Team, probably our readers have concocted in their minds images of “an army” of executive officers and assistants. If that were the case, we are sorry to disappoint you. It is only us: Omar, Marina, Martín and Sebastián that make SHARE, the free e-magazine for teachers of English.

With a readership of more than 21,700 SHARERS and in its 15th year of uninterrupted publication, it is, no doubt, the most important and longer lasting specialized e-magazine in Latin America.

SHARE is distributed free of charge. It carries no paid publicity and does not have sponsors of any kind. For subscription, contact:



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